Cave Spring at Hidden Valley

Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 5:28 PM EST
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Hidden Valley and Cave Spring played their annual grudge match tonight at Bogle Stadium.

Pick this one up in the 3rd quarter, Titans up 21-0 and driving.

QB Grayson Carroll connects with Jacob Pardon in the flat, slips a few tackles but Knights Lucas Duncan forces a fumble! Luckily for Hidden Valley, Shawn Christian dives in and covers it tighter than the lid on a pickle jar.

Next play, Carroll flushed out of the pocket, throwing against his body to Cross Thompson who somehow makes the grab with the defense all over him.

Inside the five, Titans hand it off to Matt Strong who is somewhere in that mass of humanity, there he is! In the end-zone, 28-0.

Cave Spring looking for some kind of life, Lucas Duncan can't find an open man so he does it on his own. Weaving through the Titan defense to a first down.

This time he flips it out to Matthew Heslep who is able to turn a would be loss into positive yards for the Knights.

But the drive would run out of steam on this play, Duncan puts the ball on the turf and Hidden Valley would recover. Nothing going right for the Knights.

4th quarter now, Hidden Valley knocking on the door again, Carroll calling his own number and makes this 10 yard touchdown run look easy, Titans stomp out the Knights, 35-0.

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