Cave Spring at Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Cave Spring's defense had given up 30 points a game this season and things didn't figure to get any easier at Salem tonight.

Keep an eye out for #9 De'Angelo Ramsey in this one.

First drive for Salem, Jack Gladden feeds the beast. Ramsey off the left side and really has one guy to beat and he puts him on skates. That's 37 yards for the senior and he's just getting started.

Next drive for Cave, quarterback Jacob Knight looking to his left but Avery Close jumps the route and pulls in the diving interception to set up the Spartans inside the Cave 30 yard line.

A few plays later it's Ramsey pounding this one in from 10 yards out for his second touchdown making it 14-0 Salem in the first.

3rd down for the Knights here and look who it is again, Ramsey! Guy is getting it done on both sides of the ball!

Jump to the second quarter, 21-0 Spartans at this point. Yep you guessed it, Ramsey again! Shedding tacklers left & right from 31 yards out for his third touchdown as Salem crushes Cave Spring 56-3.