Cave Spring at Glenvar

Published: Sep. 13, 2019 at 9:21 PM EDT
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Glenvar trying to avoid an 0 and 3 start Friday as the Highlanders butted heads with Cave Spring.

Buddy the umbrellas where a plenty at Highlander Stadium Friday.

First quarter, Glenvar up 3-0, looking to make it 6-0 from the far hash, Kaid Fuhrman over corrects from about 28 and goes wide right, no good.

Knights moving here, quarterback Lucas Duncan loading up and firing deep downfield, right in the bread basket of Ethan Coats who fights off the defender and turns on the jets for the 70 yard touchdown. Cave up 6-3 after a missed PAT.

Not much action in the first half of this one, second quarter, Highlanders facing a 4th and 1, try the run but big number 61, Jordan Akerson along with a host of Knights stuff the play for the turnover on downs.

Later, second quarter winding down, Glenvar knocking on the door, Aiden Wolk looking for Colby Street but Ben Robinson is ALL over him to break up the would be touchdown.

Fuhrman back on for another attempt, this time he's good from 22, that ties it at 6. Highlanders would roll in the second half though for a 27-6 win.

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