Cave Spring at Northside

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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Cave Spring traveled across town with a tall task ahead of them against Northside Friday.

In the first quarter, the Vikings Princton Hall got the handoff and quickly chipped away at some real estate, slipping tackles along the way.

Christian Fisher scooted in nearly untouched to give Northside a 7-0 lead.

A three and out for the Knights would give Northside the ball back in threatening territory.

Then it was Princton Hall, again to his right side, getting the motor running hot. he outran the defense to extend the Vikings lead.

Cave Spring was facing a third down in a 14-0 hole. Jacob Knight hit Tyson Alderman who rumbled for a first down to keep the drive alive.

In the next play, the Knight kept the momentum alive, looking for the long ball and connected! Lucas Duncan was on the receiving end of the 40 yard score. Cave would go for two and covert, it was 14-8 Northside with under 15 seconds to go in the first.

On the ensuing kickoff, off the bounce, Tyrel McEnheimer scooped it at the 15 blows by the Knights, gets a great block and he knew it was pay day!

85 yards for the score as the Northside ends Cave Spring's season 56-15.