Christiansburg at Cave Spring

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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Christiansburg was still winless, trying to crack the win column for the first time all season tonight at Cave Spring.

Pick this one up in the third quarter, Cave up 28-14.

Blue Demons facing a third down here going with the play action roll out. MJ Hunter looking downfield and finds Tristian Widrig who helps move the chains.

Same drive, Christiansburg facing a fourth down now, they run the same play and this time Hunter hits Mason Stanley to keep the drive alive.

Few plays later, Hunter is looking to the endzone but little Willie Harden comes away with the pick for Cave Spring.

The Knights decided to dig into their bag of tricks on this reverse here and who else but Harden who hits the corner and picks up about 15 before stepping out of bounds.

Same drive fourth quarter, Cave lines up for a 22 yard field goal and buries it to give them a 31-14 lead.

Blue Demons running out of time needing to take a shot and that's exactly what Hunter does but is picked off again. This time by Jaylen Hairston and that would seal the deal for Cave Spring as they go onto win 38-14.