Christiansburg at Hidden Valley

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Hidden Valley and Christiansburg figured to light up the scoreboard at Bogle Stadium after combining for 94 points a year ago.

We headed to Bogle Stadium where the team captains met in the middle of the field to shake hands. Then it was game on! And they weren't messing around.
They took advantage of a turnover early in the game that put them up by 7. And kept rolling.

This time, quarterback Jonah Fitzgerald made a pass from the 23 yard line to Ryan Mitchell, who took it all the way down to the 2.

They'll finish up that drive through the air. This time, Fitzgerald completed the pass to Andrew Farmer in the end zone. Fitzgerald continues to show off his arm with a pass to Alec Dalton. Who sealed the deal giving the Titans their third touchdown.

But Fitzgerald isn't finished yet. He found Mitchell again and Hidden Valley took a healthy lead.

The Titans took down the Blue Demons 56-21.