Christiansburg at Patrick Henry

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Patrick Henry with some work to do in the playoff hunt, butting heads with Christiansburg Friday at Merril Gainer Field.

Welcome to homecoming night for the Patriots! The king and queen showing off the bling. Picking it up in the third quarter, PH with the 24-13 edge. Adding to it, Roy Gunn looking left and where Leroy Thomas is, that's where you want the ball to be.

He found a clearing on the right side. There were great blocks along the way for that Pats touchdown. It's 31-13. Christiansburg working on defense. Trevor Simpkins coming up with the interception, but they could not convert. They give the turnover right back.

Jalen Cook picks it off Mj Hunter. It's not Christmas yet folks, but this is like a scene from the Nutcracker. Cook with footwork for days. Spinning and breaking tackles. Until they finally get him down at the 20. A drive good enough for another touchdown.

Patrick Henry continues their march toward the playoffs. Taking down Christiansburg 38-13.