Christiansburg at Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Salem received the second half kickoff up 7-6 and Christiansburg tried to catch them sleeping, but Cameron Leftwich was quick to sniff it out and find a little room to set the Spartans up right around the 50.

After a number of short runs, Salem was up at the 5 when Leftwich breaks the goal line to extend the lead, 14-6.

Blue Demons were having some trouble moving the ball during the game.

Salem 3rd and 5 later in the game, and Hunter Chaney pitches out to Isaiah Persinger who gets a good block and just enough room to fight to keep the drive alive to set up another score.

Leftwich converts at the goal line, Spartans on top 20-6.

Spartans ends up dousing the Blue Demons flames, 41-13.