Christiansburg vs. Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) Salem had lost twice in the last three weeks. The Spartans tried to bounce back at home against Christiansburg.

And they would have a packed house at Salem Stadium to cheer them to victory.

Picking this up in the second quarter, Spartans up 14-0 and looking to stretch that. Luke Owen gets the hand off and he's gone! Let that horse run! 73 yards later he gives Salem a 21-0 lead.

The little Spartans approve but they want more!

Christiansburg on thrid and ten trying to get fancy on the reverse but the ball hits the turf!

Austin Kirtner scoops the rock and takes it down inside the one. Two plays later De'Angelo Ramsey goes up and over to give Salem another score.

Gonna be a long night for that cheerleader.

Next Spartan possession quarterback Jack Gladden with the textbook drop back goes sky high to Viante Tucker who fingertips it then sheds the tackler and finishes this one off with 6.

Salem back on the winning side of things with a statement 55-14 win.