Class 1 semifinals: Chilhowie vs. Galax

SALTVILLE, Va. -- The class 1 state semifinals were played at Northwood High School because of the field conditions at Chilhowie.

The Warriors strike first. First drive of the game, Greg Sanchez goes 65 yards for the touchdown. Just like that, It's 7-0 Chilhowie.

Sanchez doing the blocking next time around, springs quarterback Zach Cale, who goes 22 yards to the endzone to make it 14-0 Warriors.

Second quarter now, Cale with the two yard plunge for 21-0.

It's 21-7, and Galax has a chance to make it one touchdown game, but Cale has other ideas. The interception just before the break makes it 21-7 at the half.

Second half, Warriors keep rolling with another interception. This time its' Todd Martin who returns back into the red zone. Them, it's Cale again. Off the play action, he keeps it himself and then sneaks inside the pile one.

Chilhowie is headed back to Salem. They get the 28-7 win.