Cleive Adams lays out his football mission at Ferrum

Cleive Adams was announced as Ferrum's new football coach earlier this week. The former player with the Panthers is anxious to get started after leaving the program at Averett. It's the latest step in a football career that started under the tutelage of Norm Lineburg in Radford and continued at Ferrum under the late Hank Norton.

"Just that toughness, that Hank Norton toughness," said Adams. "Making sure that you are taking care of your student athletes and keeping the main thing the main thing. That's the Coach Norton legacy that I have been influenced by over the years. Coach Norm Lineburg, it's ironic that you asked about him because he called me last night. Under Coach Lineburg we used to warm up in pregame without pads on. No pads and no helmets. I took that with me in my first assignment. Only college football program in the region that warmed up with no pads. That's a Norm Lineburg thing. Just the passion to mentor young men. Both of those great coaches have been huge influences on my life."

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