Covington at George Wythe

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WYTHEVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The blankets were out for a chilly night of playoff football in Wytheville Friday with the Covington Cougars and George Wythe Maroons.

In the first quarter, George Wythe was already up 7-0. A handoff to Ravvon Wells, he flips into the end zone for the touchdown. That run also put Wells over 1,000 yards on the year.

Covington would get some help from turnovers in this one though. Maroons going deep and the pass is picked off by Garrett Morgan. Cougars don't score on that one.

But then later, George Wythe pass complete to Jacquez Younger, but the ball comes out. That's a fumble, and Cougars get another takeaway.

Still down two scores, Covington trying to get rid of the goose egg before halftime, and it's Shaun Smith off to the races. He takes a shot out of bounds, but he gets right back up, hands the ball to the ref and then a nice piece of sportsmanship. Cougars are right back in business.

With 2 seconds left on the clock, QB Simon Gibson heaves up the prayer, and it is intercepted in the end zone. No points for the Cougars, as George Wythe takes a 14-0 lead into halftime.

In the third quarter, sloppy play continued for the Maroons, as a bad snap leads to yet another turnover. Covington has another chance to put up some points.

With decent field position, Cougars go for it on 4th down. Gibson looking for the end zone, but its another missed opportunity for Covington.

George Wythe finally made them pay with a handoff to Wells. He goes for a touchdown.

George Wythe completes the shutout, 28-0 over Covington. Maroons will get Galax next week.