Covington at Narrows

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NARROWS, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Narrows Green Wave still unbeaten, trying to keep it that way against Covington. Eric Miller spent the night checking out the Wave and Cougars.

Ragsdale field may be the home of the green wave, but it was the Cougars who struck first Friday, wide receiver Skyler Barnett snagging this pass to put Covington up 7-nil.

Covington's kick off then dropped right into the hands of wide receiver Dustin Wiley, who took it all the way up to the Cougar's 43 yard line.
Later in that drive, a pitch from quarterback Chase Blaker to runningback Chad Blaker lets the green wave sneak it into the endzone, tying things up.

Covington was ready to respond, when a long pass gets intercepted by Dustin Wiley.

Later, Cougars QB Simon Gibson was able to connect with Skyler Barnett once again, setting up a big run.

But the Green Wave just kept on rolling, as Chad Blaker dodges left and right before finding the endzone, putting the green wave up 14-7.
With time running out in the first half, Gibson again throws a shot downfield, this time to Jabari Williams.

That set up this touchdown run from Shaun Smith, tying things up.
But that would be Covington's last touchdown of the game.
The green wave washed away the cougars 42-14.