Covington at Parry McCluer

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BUENA VISTA, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Covington played its fifth consecutive road game tonight at Parry McCluer.

It was all Covington from the start. Cougars up 26-nothing at the half.

Cougars quarterback Simon GIbson tosses to Skyler Barnett in the endzone to extend the Covington lead in the third.
The Blues just keep fighting though. Ty Ruley keeps and finds some running room down the sideline. That's a first down and the Blues were in business.

Ruley gets into the endzone to cap the drive and Parry McCluer had its first points of the night..

But Shaun Smith was a load tonight for the Cougars. Smitty doing his thing and sniffing the zone for another Covington TD.

John Snyder got the Blues a little closer here as Parry McCluer started to get into a rhythm, but there wasn't nearly enough of that.
Smith breaks another big play to turn the scoreboard again. Covington all over Parry McCluer 47-14 the final.