Craig County at Narrows

NARROWS, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Narrows took on Craig County on Friday.

Senior Narrows QB Wyatt Freeman looking for the bomb to senior tight end Isaac Taylor and he's got him for the first touch down of the game.
A few minutes later a handoff to tailback Matthew Morgan and the Green Wave was up 13-nothing.
But the Rockets kept plugging. Junior Kyle Sloss powers it in for a touchdown bulling his way through the defense at the goal line for the score.
Quarterback Dalton McPherson then looks for the pass, then ran it in for the two point conversion, making it 13-8.
But Sophomore tight end Cole Needham wasn't gonna let that go unanswered. He snags the kick on the bounce out of the air and he's got daylight. Needham makes a house call and Narrows went on to win it.