Crawford Enyart and Shelby Stanley earn 2019 B'nai B'rith awards

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -- Two more names were added to the list of B'nai B'rith Athletic and Achievement award winners Monday night in Roanoke.

Cave Spring's Crawford Enyart and Patrick Henry's Shelby Stanley each received a one thousand dollar scholarship to further their education.

Crawford served as a captain on the basketball team for two years and plans to attend the United States Naval Academy.

Shelby will continue swimming at the next level. She will join her sister on the team at Davidson College after a successful high school career.

"I'm still speechless. This award honestly just makes all the time you put, not only into your sport but your school and community, it just makes it all seem worth while. And I'm just so humbled that I got to be in a room with so many other people who have dedicated so much to the same areas that I have," Stanley said.

"The B'nai B'rith is one of the biggest honors you can get coming out of this area. My biggest goal when I started my high school career in sports and academics was to go to the Naval Academy. And that's what I've worked toward and every award that I've gotten has just been icing on the cake along the way," Enyart said.

Crawford also received the Artie Levin Personal Life Award for his outstanding community service with 4Ten, a nonprofit he started to serve children in an El Salvador orphanage.