Disappointment, and delight, at Belk Bowl watch party in Roanoke

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) With the Virginia Tech flag flying outside, and more than a dozen TVs tuned to the Belk Bowl, 202 Social House was Hokie Central in downtown Roanoke on New Year's Eve.

A couple Kentucky fans watched at one table, but orange and maroon filled the restaurant.

Virginia Tech fans such as Roy Creasy told us they were optimistic, but also a little nervous.

"So far so good," Creasy told us at halftime, "but we've got our hands full. We'll be lucky to win today. I'll be happy to take a win."

After a season of ups and downs that included a loss to the University of Virginia, the Hokies who gathered in downtown Roanoke said their loyalty hasn't wavered and their optimism is still intact.

"They're holding their own. They're making progress. Typical Tech game this year."

Jack Helms and Mary Adkins were hoping the team would give retiring defensive coordinator Bud Foster a victory in his final game.

But the fans who feared it would come down to the final seconds were right, with Kentucky scoring two last-minute touchdowns to take the win.

The only people celebrating were Jordan Norris and Casey Proffitt, who graduated from the University of Kentucky a year ago Tuesday.

"I didn't want to clap too loud until the end," Proffitt said, "but I'm glad we got it done."

"I'm the only Kentucky fan in the office," added Norris, "so it's a good win. It's a good win."

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