E.C. Glass at Amherst

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AMHERST, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Halloween is still a few days away and we've got lots of treats tonight.

No tricks. Just 13 games to get to and we start with the team that's been the most consistent in our region throughout the season, the EC Glass Hilltoppers who made the short trip to Amherst County where the Toppers tried to stay unbeaten.

Amherst County looking for a signature win at home though.

Early on, DreSean Kendrick hands to Ty Foster who gets the edge and dances in on the touchdown for an early 7-zip Toppers lead.

Later, they give it to Foster again and he sniffs the zone again, slipping not one, not two, but three tackles along the way and Glass had a two TD cushion.

Foster not done yet. They try the other side and why not. He's got daylight to paydirt to put his team on top 19-nothing and we're still midway through the first quarter.

Quoterris Craighead, City Q, then got some love and a goal line carry. EC Glass all over Amherst County tonight 63 to 7.