E.C. Glass at Blacksburg

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In Blacksburg, the homestanding Bruins were out to hold serve again in Class 4, Region D. EC Glass had other ideas though.

The Bruins ready to hold court at Bill Brown Stadium tonight.

And they got off to the great start. Grant Johnston airs it out to Thomas Coffey who makes the catch for the touchdown and then the fake spike for the celebration. Blacksburg was up 7-zip.

Johnston looking for more a little later, but he overthrows his receiver and Trey Alexander picks it off. He's headed the other way. Alexander tiptoes up the sideline on the touchdown return, but the Hilltoppers missed the extra point so they trailed 7-6.

That was the score in the third quarter and Glass was headed for the lead. Matthew Macallum to Alexander and Alexander has all kinds of running room. He's headed for the go ahead score but Cole Beck with the hustle play from behind and he gets the strip to save the score.

Then it's Beck on offense. The good pickup here, taking it inside the ten yard line.