E.C. Glass at Heritage

In Martinsville, the Bulldogs were after their first win over George Washington since 1987.

Martinsville got off to a rough start, giving up a touchdown to George Washington running back Wesley Graves, who bulls his way in from short yardage.

George Washington kept pounding.

On the next possession, wide receiver Shyheim Watlington sprinted around the edge and got a block from Graves to put George Washington up 14-0.

But Martinsville wasn't ready to give up.

Bulldog's senior running back Dasyne Hairston got Martinsville on the board, punching into the end zone from just a few yards out. He gets stopped short but got a big push from the boys up front.

But here comes Graves again as he comes back, breaking tackles on his way to the zone and George Washington had some breathing room.

Senior Wide Receiver Steven Wray kept Martinsville in the game with a big run, slicing and dicing his way to the house.
But there wasn't nearly enough of that as the Eagles won it 66 to 19.