ESD Fall Basketball Showcase gives local hoopers chance to shine

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -- High school hoopers from around the region converged on Roanoke Catholic School Sunday for the annual ESD fall showcase.

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Now in its fifth year, the clinic has grown from 14 players to around 35.

The students get to show off their skills in front of a handful of college coaches mainly representing the ODAC conference.

Clinic director David Williams helped start the program to give local athletes a head start in the recruitment process.

"I'll say for myself, it's a process and in the process, you have to, one, know where you are, two, be willing to go out there and compete and then thirdly, show that you can be coached," Williams said.

"Coaches want to see, can players follow directions, can players go out and execute exactly what other coaches are asking them to do and how do you respond to adversity in the moment. Those are the things that stand out to most coaches at any level and they just want to see, are kids willing to put themselves aside and go out there and compete?"

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