FFE Spotlight Game of the Week: William Campbell at Gretna

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GRETNA, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Which side are you on? Were your first words lets go hawks? Or did you show up to today's game wearing a Beat Gretna shirt? In this rivalry, bragging rights are a local currency.

You getting the picture? No more talk let's get to the highlights.
Opening drive for the hawks, Tabron Mabins hands off on the jet sweep to Daelyn Miller and that is six and that is the first score of the game. 7-0 G-Men.

The Hawk defense came in allowing only 21 points all season, here they here forcing a turnover and giving their offense great field position. Corlyn Witcher scoops it up, first down Hawks., they would turn it into a score.

2nd quarter, Dajon Hicks in the wildcat, takes the snap and heads left and he will be tackled for a lo… no sir he keeps on fighting and reverses field they won't catch him or touch him again touchdown Hawks up 21-0.
Generals fans getting restless. They would stay that way because this is Taelyn Miller on the jet sweep coming left and there's a lot of green in front of him. He takes it all the way home for a score. Hawks were up 35-0 and we're still in the second quarter.

Generals try to fight back, freshman quarterback Jeremiah Smith has 14 tudders on the season lets make it 15, go up and get it Nikia Peerman, that's why they let him wear number one. 35-6 at the half.

But the Hawks never let up in this one, here's Hicks again from the wildcat, might as well call it the wild hicks because when he's back there you know he's scoring. Touchdown Gretna, they go on to win it 48-6. Coach Simpson and his players were very satisfied with their performance on both sides of the ball.