FFE Toyota Player of the Week: Lord Botetourt's Evan Eller

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BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va (WDBJ7) -- Lord Botetourt's play generator would be one, Evan Eller.

"When that ball snaps, it's like flipping the electricity on. It doesn't stop unless the generator goes out," Coach Jamie Harless said.

"He's physical, intelligent. He's got all the intangibles."

The junior running back is a scoring machine.

"Playing offense is definitely fun and scoring touchdowns and getting long runs and stuff," Evan Eller said.

That about sums up the kind of game he had last week.

"It's just a rush of adrenaline. You feel excited," Eller said. "It helps your team. Your teammates get excited. The fans get excited. It's just a great feeling."

It's a feeling Eller got to experience six times against William Fleming.

Even though you might not see it, Coach Jamie Harless gets excited too.

"It's like having a Swiss Army knife out in the woods. Having a guy like that helps you survive some plays," Harless said. "Evan's the kind of kid that gives coaches heartburn on the weekend when they're getting ready to play. When you talk about a football player, I mean, that's what you're looking for. That's him."

Harless said Eller has never made below an A, and that his transcript is spotless.

One playoff game down, Eller is hoping to copy his team's success in the regular season and paste it to the post.

"I feel like we just need to not get a big head and not look over any team, because it's the postseason, win or go home," Eller said. "As long as we just play our game against every single team, and then we'll eventually obtain our goals as long as we keep playing like that."