FFE Toyota Player of the Week: Week 6

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Cole Beck: It's very special for us. As a senior we defnitely wanted to mark that off our bucket list.

The first win for Blacksburg over Salem since 2003, was a complete dissection and Beck did plenty of the cutting. It started with a 78 yard touchdown run on the Bruins' second play from scrimmage. The speedster later added two more scores in the 49-12 blowout, racking up 305 yards on 28 carries contributing to Blacksburg's 534 yard outburst. Beck also tallied an interception to cap a special night against the two time defending 4A state champs.

Cole Beck/Player of the Week: It all starts up front with the o-line. We talked all week in practice about blocking and we focused on that a lot, the pass protection and everything. So we knew if we didn't block well and execute on that, we wouldn't be able to run the ball.

Thad Wells/Blacksburg Head Coach: For Cole to get that kind of recogintion in that big of a game was kind of proof of his hard work more than anything. This wasn't something that just happened in one night. It was something he'd been putting effort into the last several years to become the type of player he is.

Beck runs a sub 4.3 forty yard dash and won three state track titles last spring, but perhaps more impressive is the way he's handled the recruiting process. He's accumulated close to 30 offers and recently narrowed his choices to Pitt, North Carolina and the hometown Hokies.

Cole: I've enjoyed it. I've enjoyed all the steps of it. My parents have kind of enjoyed it, but right now they're kind of getting over it. They want me to make my decision and get on with it.

Thad: Cole Beck is the epitome of a professional when it comes to the recruiting process. It was a process where there were a couple years of nothing and just sending stuff out, getting hits from small schools and all of a sudden it took off. It puts a lot of pressure on a kid. There are a lot of big choices that you've got to make in a small window. It's always like be patient and wait for your offer and then you get the offer and it's hurry up and commit.

Beck is expected to make a verbal committment in the next two weeks. Until then, his three finalists are taking turns filling up his twitter feed with well wishes each Friday night.

Cole: Honestly, it's humbling that those universities are taking a look at me, taking a chance and believing in me that I can play at their school. It's definitely cool.

Thad: You often see that person that becomes successful and think it is an overnight success. What you don't often see is the work that's been put into it and usually, it's the culmination of a lot of hard work. It's like a hockey stick, you reach a certain point and you just kind of go up. Coleton has kind of done that the last couple years.