First Team Nissan Player of the Week: Northside's Christian Fisher

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Before this season started, Northside running back Christian Fisher wasn't sure if he'd play a single down all year.

Not only has he been on the field, he has shined, especially in the Vikings' win over Galax last Friday night.

Senior running back Christian Fisher can tell his team's offense is starting to match its potential. "We have a good rotation now between our running backs and our wide receivers. The linemen are starting to get it down. We're starting to click offensively."

Fisher himself shined in Northside's 42-28 win over Galax last Friday.
With three scores on the ground and another through the air, Fisher's performance would have been impressive in any situation, but it stands out even more when you know what he's playing through.

"I was at a 7-on-7 and I jumped up to catch a ball and I kind of came down on my shoulder. It was hurting pretty bad. I didn't think I did anything serious. Still hurt me a couple weeks later, so I went and got an MRI and I tore my labrum and the front capsule of my shoulder off the bone, so it was pretty serious."

He had a choice: undergo surgery that would end his senior season before it started, or play through the pain. To complicate matters further, his father, Scott Fisher, is also his coach.

"I just told him as a coach, I would support him either way he decided to go and, as a dad, I instructed him not to play," but the youngest of Scott's three sons already saw both of his brothers' playing careers end early in years past, and he was determined to buck the trend.
"My brother didn't get to finish his senior year due to a car accident, and I write, 'For Kevin,' on my wrist every game, so I kinda' play for him, too."

On the field, Fisher faces new limitations. The inability to tackle has kept him solely on offense, but as his more than 300 all-purpose yards last week prove, Fisher's making the most of it.

However this season ends, he says when it does, he wants to go on to play Division I football. "My dad preaches as a coach and as a dad that the game could be taken away at any moment, so you really just got to enjoy every moment you have with your teammates, with your brothers out there on the field. You got to kind of take everything in."