First Team Nissan Player of the Week: Lord Botetourt's Evan Eller

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Before he carved up Blacksburg in a week two victory, Lord Botetourt quarterback Evan Eller's first memory of playing the Bruins is of his first high school start two years ago.

"It was really nerve-racking, but me and Hunter, we were pretty close and we stepped up in that game and it was a crazy game," Eller said.

In fact, that game was the last one Blacksburg lost in the regular season, until Eller and the Cavaliers showed up last Friday.

Even without his co-star, running back Hunter Rice, Eller shined with three total touchdowns and two interceptions to secure a tough win on the road.

"I definitely felt like I needed to take control a little bit and I know some of the younger guys look up to me and look up to the other seniors, so I kind of wanted to step up, have a big game and see if I can do that the rest of the season as well," said Eller.

The 6-foot-210-pound senior is listed on the roster as a wideout, but he takes most of his offensive snaps at QB.

Combined with stellar play at defensive back, his versatility is what stands out to head coach Jamie Harless.

"I'd say if he's not the best football player I've ever coached as far as football skill at every position he plays, he's in the top three. Yeah, I'm gonna' say he probably is the best, because thinking back through the years, I've never had a kid that could return kicks, play defense, play offense. He could probably be an O-lineman if we needed him to," Harless said.

In the offseason, Eller added a new experience to his resume -- making a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

"I went down there and it just caught my eye to a whole new world and a whole new viewpoint. We went to a bunch of different villages. We game them backpacks, school supplies. We took a few kids with us to come eat and it made me gain this new thankfulness for what I have," said Eller.

Out of his 19 D-1 offers, Eller says Army and Elon sit as his top two.
And while the recruiting process has been kind so far, the senior is soaking his time left as a Cavalier.

"These are guys I grew up with that I'm playing with, and I know in college I'm not gonna' have--I'll create bonds and relationships, but it's not gonna' be nothing like the guys you grew up with in kindergarten or elementary school so, I'm not taking it for granted but it's nice senior year being the big dog," Eller said.