Floyd County at Glenvar

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Floyd County hadn't beaten Glenvar since the 2012 season, and the latest setback to the Highlanders came back in October. But Coach Winfred Beale and the Buffs were out to buck the trend tonight.

It was a cold one in Highlander country, we pick this one up in the third, Glenvar up 10-0 but facing a fourth down.

Jack Leonard gets the handoff but he's met by a wall of Buffaloes to force a turnover on downs, and the Buffs are fired up.

Trying to keep the momentum rolling, Presley Yates gets just enough of a hole from his line to scoot for a hard fought first down.

But a few plays later Ian Bary back to pass, goes near side but it's jumped by Colby Street and it's headed the other way, Highlanders back in business.

Glenvar known for their ground and pound but Landry Gerbers calling the play action and flicks it out to Noah Lovelace who cuts it up field and takes a lick for the first down.

Same drive, Gerbers sticking to the aerial attack goes near side this time connecting with Josh Clifford who tip toes on the sideline before being taken out of bounds and then gets a little extra! That would be a fifteen yard personal foul on the Buffs.

Which would set up the Highlanders work horse. Leonard getting the call and bullies his way into the endzone for six, Highlanders slam the door on Floyd County 24-0.