Floyd County at James River

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BUCHANAN, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Floyd County and James River clashed Friday in Buchanan where both teams had some work to do to get back in playoff contention.

It was a scoreless first quarter but Floyd County's Avery Chaffin dropped back and threw to Caleb Webb in the end zone for the first score of the game.

The Knights hoped to answer, but Dylan McAlister was running for his life. He eventually gets snowed under by the Buffaloes pass rush.
That let the Buffaloes march it back to the goal line again. Chaffin keeps around the end and scores to make it a 14-nothing game.

Floyd then tries some trickery, but a long toss from Chaffin gets picked off by Jack Voight to end the threat. Floyd County went on to beat James River ___ to ___.