Football a family affair for William Campbell's three sets of twins

NARUANA, Va. (WDBJ7) - William Campbell knocked off Altavista Friday night at home 20 to 18. But beyond the score, football is most certainly a family affair for the Generals.

If you look closely at this year's William Campbell line-up, you'll see heart and talent.
But if you look even closer, you just might be seeing double.

"You're always with the competition, you know, with your twin," said Senior Nikia Peerman. "Your coach will say like, 'oh well Noah did this, Noah did that.' Well I'm gonna do it better."

Senior Twins Noah and Nikia Peerman may share a last name, birthday and similar face. But underneath their jerseys you'll find two very different people.

"He's really really smart, he's got like a 3.9 GPA," Nikia Peerman said of his brother. "He's smarter than me, I'd say in some subjects."

"I wasn't ready for that," said Freshman Anthony Polo.

Freshmen Junior Varsity twins Anthony and Dillon Polo didn't know they'd find more brotherhood on their team than they bargained for.

"You see one set of twins walk by and then next thing you know another set of twins walk by and then you remember that, I'm a twin too," Anthony Polo said.

If that seems like one twin set too many, get the Walthall brothers to check your math.

"4.0 GPAs," said Senior Dandre Walthall.
"4.0," his twin brother Darius echoes, discussing their academics.

If you've been keeping up, that's three sets of twins on one team.

"I have multiple relatives are twins as well," said Coach Daniel Broggin. "So I thought it was pretty neat that I had three sets on one football program."

Coach Broggin said there's some among the twins bickering, but mostly it's a great thing to see.

"You asked them if they love each other right now, they're all like, 'nah, I don't love him, I don't love him.' But they really care about each other."

"On the field he's somewhat of a leader and there's no one really who can go with him for football," said Noah Peerman of his brother Nikia. "If they just just throw it out there then just ten times out of ten he's gonna come out there with the ball."

The brothers say their twin is their biggest motivator.

"It's not just my brother, it's my twin that I know, I just wanna be better than him," Deandre Walthall said. "Just to be funny."

And sometimes the other half of the twin set can fill n the gap.

"I don't know what to say," Dillon Polo said when asked a question. 'He just said everything that I was gonna say!"

For Broggin, coaching twins is a good learning experience.

"I think it's confirmed that all athletes are different," he said. "Although these two young men may look just alike, you have to approach them differently because they are two different individuals."

And for these brothers, they wouldn't know a team, without the other.

"It's just a pleasure to be able to play with all my friends, and teammates and brothers," said Deandre.

"I feel the same way," Darius replies.