Former NFL running back hosts free football camp

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- Six years of free football camp is Rashad Jennings' way of giving back to his hometown. Hundreds of kids came out to his Camp 180 at Liberty University today to mingle with the NFL running back himself.

The Liberty alum recently walked away from pro-football, after spending seven years in the league. Whether you know him from Dancing With the Stars or from his time with the New York Giants, there are some things about Jennings you may not know, hence the reason for his first book.

"Hometown, born and raised here. The story of me being an overweight, chubby kid, glasses, asthma, with a .6 GPA at one point in time. Fifth string running back, saying I wouldn't play in the NFL. This is where it all happened," Rashad Jennings said. "I see a kid look up to me, buy my jersey or buy my book, and I feel that it's an awesome, and I say this on purpose, an awesome responsibility. Cause I got people watching me, and I feel like you need to live a life worth mimicking. We all do because somebody's always trying to find someone to follow."

The Rashad Jennings Foundation continues the fun Sunday at Miller Park in Lynchburg for a Family Fun Fest. Games, food and music are free. The event starts at 4:00.