Fort Chiswell at Auburn, and Salem at Christiansburg

The month of September has been cruel to the Spartans, three tough losses, including last week's 24-21 defeat at the hands of Blacksburg.

They were looking to turn things around on the road here in Christiansburg against a Blue Demons team that's also trying to end a three-game skid.

All three losses in Salem's losing streak by just one score.

But Friday night, a different story. First possession second half, Isaiah Persinger takes the hand off, fights his way through a pile of demons, that made it a 34-0 Salem lead.

Chirstiansburg needed a big play eventually, later in the half, they got one. The senior Mac Padgett brings down the quarterback. Demons fans finally have something to dance about.

But it was a tough night offensively. QB Jack Clemons drops back, he's looking to let it loose, and it is picked off by the sophomore, Shawn Collins, he gets brought down, Spartans take over, their fans like to dance too!

And they were dancing all night, just like that Spartans offense, hand off again to Persinger, he's gonna find some room on the outside, and you can forget about it. Salem ends its losing streak, and the Spartans roll over Christiansburg, 41-7

Let's stay in the county and head to Riner, where Auburn was hosting Fort Chiswell. And folks, this game was an absolute slop fest!

But the muddy conditions did not bother these players, especially not Triston Perry, who breaks off a nice gain, he's gonna get taken out of bounds and then BOOM--huge hit, but clearly too late.

That's going to set up the Eagles right near the goal line, and QB Payson Kelley fakes the throw, ends up just fighting through himself for the score, Auburn 7-zip.

Then later in the first half, Eagles driving again...this time Kelley airs it out and finds Malachi Spencer and folks, you are not going to get away with arm tackles in these conditions...Spencer break loose, all the way to the end zone...and he'll add a little something extra, Eagles go up 14-6.

But Fort Chiswell with a gritty performance on the road, as Denver Brown takes the hand off and he breaks loose himself, the only thing that might have stopped him was the mud, but he finds pay dirt.

Fort Chiswell is able to survive a fun one, 20-14 over Auburn.