Franklin County at Magna Vista

RIDGEWAY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Eagles had a 28 to 14 lead in the 3rd Quarter, but the Warriors would start a comeback effort with the long pass from Dryus Hairston to Louis Taylor as he tip toes on the sideline to make the catch.

That sets up a touchdown run from Taylor, making the score 28 to 20 eagles.

After a stalled Eagles possesion, the Tyler Johnson would put the warriors in position with a run for Dryus Hairston to take it up the middle for a touchdown, 28 to 26 eagles.

Keeping the momentum going, the kicker Finley Underwood would pull off a beautiful onside kick giving the Warriors the ball back.

But on the very next play, the Warriors would fumble on a backwards pass, and the Eagles would run it all the way back putting the Eagles up 34 to 26.

And after a stalled Warrior possesion, Joshua Luckett would deliver a touchdown pass of the fake to Ke'Shaun Wright.

The Eagle would hold on from their winning 41 to 26, they'll be taking on Hidden Valley next week.