Fuente offers thoughts on loss of spring practice and what it means going forward

Tech football coach Justin Fuente has asked his players to focus on their health, their school work and their fitness through the uncertainty.

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Assuming there's a college football season, the question of how much prep time his team would need to be ready for a game is a difficult one. Fuente thinks the loss of spring practice is most detrimental to his defense, especially with four new staff members and coordinator.

"My first thought automatically went to defensively, we're gonna miss out on those opportunities," Fuente said Wednesday, "not just to install a scheme but to develop that relationship with the new coaches. Maybe even the bigger thing was actually our kids being on the field being coached by these guys and getting a better feel or better window into their new position coach and new coordinator and how they're going to teach, how they react to great things, how do they react to mistakes, how do they react to things that happen throughout spring ball."

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