Giles County at Christiansburg

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va (WDBJ7) -- The Giles Spartans had beaten Christiansburg five times in a row, and tried to make it 6 tonight.

It was another wet and wild night in Christiansburg.

So with the ball so slick, offensese will clearly stick to the grou---Maybe not!

Nick Cook unloads and finds a receiver wide open behind the defense who just makes it into the endzone for the games first score. The home of the blue demons was rocking!

But just a few plays later, Giles would answer as Ryan Beidleman would take it himself all the way for the tying score. And that looked so good to Giles, they'd do it again having Biedleman take it up the middle for six.

And hey! Why not once more? Almost seems selfish, but he's just so good at it. The offense wasn't perfect, though.

The Blue Demons did get in for this sack to try to stop the bleeding. But Beidleman, this time, hands it off and this guy is gone!

That score, and the rain picking up, was enough to chase many fans from the stands.

Unfortunately, it would be more of the same for these fans in the final two quarters.

The Spartans defense held Christiansburg to just seven for much of the game.

And was scoring on offense, both from long as Beidleman shows us... And from a little closer as Chase Fleeman would get in untouched!

Christiansburg would get into the endzone twice at the end of the game, like this Charles Nwaihesie scamper.

But Giles would be just too much, even score on that ensuing kick off. Giles makes it six in a row against Christiansburg, taking this one 62 to 20.