Giles at Floyd

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FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Giles had won 10 in a row over Floyd County, leading up to Friday, but the Buffs figured to have a shot at breaking the string tonight at home.

After a closer first half, the game was all Giles County in the second, with the Spartans racking up field goal after field goal to lead Floyd County 36-21 mid-way through the fourth quarter.

The clock was ticking for the Buffaloes, when a touchdown pass to Tyler Fenton gets the ball rolling again.

Floyd County then nails the two-point conversion, bringing them within seven. Giles then went three and out, giving the buffalos a chance starting on their own one yard line.

That left Floyd County with just 42 seconds to go 99 yards.

After incomplete passes on first, second, and third downs, quarterback Avery Chaffin took the snap, looking for a miracle.
Fenton catches it, but then a lateral falls short, bouncing around before the Spartan's Chaston Ratcliff comes up with it.

Giles hangs on to their lead, and the win, beating Floyd County 36-29.