Glenvar at Giles

PEARIZBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Glenvar and Giles have had quite the rivalry over the last four years. Friday the Highlanders and Spartans wrote the latest chapter in Pearisburg.

Glenvar quarterback Landry Gerber's arm was the difference maker tonight. He completed passes like this one to junior Nicholas Sebolt all night long. But he wasn't perfect. This bomb gets pucked off by Giles's senior Defensive back James Lyles.

Nothing could stop Glenvar tonight. Justice Foster here snagging a long pass from Gerber for the touchdown. Giles's James Lyles snagged the punt on the following drive, taking it on a 99 yard run to the endzone and finally getting Giles on the board late in the third quarter.

In the end though, it wasn't enough to beat Glenvar. The final score was 28-24.