Grayson at Glenvar

RONAOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- There was plenty of action Wednesday night including Grayson County down big at the half against Glenvar.

And the Highlanders looking for moer in the third. Landry Gerbers takes it to the air and finds Nick Sebolt. This is what happens when you try to stop him. Blue Devil down. The 40 yard run led to another Glenvar touchdown and a 36-nothing lead.

The Blue Devils slowly creeping their way down the field. Closing the door on a shutout, Jake Hollingsworth tucks and runs. The keeper gets Grayson County on the board. A missed extra point puts them at 36-6. A second string Glenvar team held Grayson County to one more TD in the fourth. 36-12 your final.