Gretna at Radford

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) In Radford, two early scores have the game tied in the third.

That's when things start to get sloppy.

Bobcat's Elijah Duncan hit as he throws and it's picked off by Gretna's DeAndre Miller who takes it all the way home for a score.

But you saw that yellow fly, a block in the back nullifies the T-D.

And frustration starts to flow.

On the next play, Daelyn Miller get's taken down, but he doesn't like it.

His team mates have to restrain him, and that's an unsportsmanlike penalty.

The on the ensuing punt,

PJ Prioleau gets hit before the ball even gets there.

That's another penalty on Gretna.

But in the fourth, they start to pull it together, first with this deep pass to Dajon Hicks.

And then Tabron Mabins taking it in for the score to make it 15 to 8.

Gretna's defense would keep Radford out of the endzone for the rest of the game and win 15 to 8.