Gretna at Radford

Published: Nov. 22, 2019 at 4:31 PM EST
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Things pick up in the first quarter at Norman T. Lineburg field.

Gretna jumped out to an early lead, and was looking for more as QB Tabron Mabins takes the snap and throws and absolute bomb but, no, it's gonna be Radford's Kamaree Tanner who comes up with it.

The Hawks won't have to wait long for revenge on this one though.

Bobcat's Zane Rupe, looks, throws, and puts it right on the numbers of the wrong color jersey, as the Hawks's Daelyn Miller comes away with it.

A long drive later, and it's Miller again, putting Gretna up 14-nil.

Radford now, looking to get things going Rupe tosses a short one to runningback Darius Wesley-Brubeck, who gets it down inside the ten.

Three plays later, Rupe going for it on 4th on and 5, he tries to dive for the endzone but it's not gonna be enough.

Hawks take over on downs, and you know what it doesn't take them long to get something going, as here comes Miller again leaving defenders in the dust for a 95 yard touchdown run.

End of the first half now, Radford wants something on the board, so why not try a 41 yard field goal attempt?

And would you look at that, it's good.

Second Half now, Bobcats getting things started with a very promising run from runningback David Woodward.

Then it's up to Rupe to finish the job, getting around the outside to make it 21-10.

But you know Gretna's not gonna let that stand, as here comes Mabins first with a big run, then with a handoff, to, who else at this point?

Daelyn Miller for the score.

Later in the third quarter, Gretna again at the goal line, Miller again gets the hand off, and you know how this story ends: touchdown. Do they give Heismans to High Schoolers?

Late in the Fourth Quarter now, Radford down two scores and trying to make a come back.

Rupe pulls back, fires, it's caught then dropped by Jerzee Johnson, the Hawks Taelyn Miller scoops it up and runs it back.

Gretna won it 20-48.