HOMETOWN HOOPS: Lord Botetourt girls pay special visit to superfan battling cancer

DALEVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) -- If you happen to be near Botetourt County, you probably know the Lord Botetourt girls basketball team is one of the main attractions.

The regular-season champs in the Blue Ridge District have plenty of fans, but there's one in particular who stands out from the crowd.

"Every time I think of Perry, I just start smiling," said senior Meredith Wells.

"I'll wave at him every game before and then we'll always get hugs after the game," added fellow senior Kenleigh Gunter.

Be it at home or on the road, Perry Fisher has been there cheering on the Cavaliers nearly every game for 16 years.

"Somebody asked me one day, 'Whose kid are you watching?'" Fisher explained. "I said, 'I'm watching all of 'em! I don't have a kid--all of them are my kids.'"

But this year, Fisher's toughest opponent had nothing to do with who the Cavaliers were facing. It was cancer, coming back for a second time.

But on one of those dark days during treatment, the team he's given so much love to over the years gave it right back.

"When they asked if they could go do that, my first reaction was, is he gonna be okay with that?" said head coach Renee Favaro. "I checked with some people and they were like, he will love that. And so I said, y'all, that's a great idea. Go ahead and do that for him."

So one day during winter break, members of the team went to visit Fisher in the hospital, bearing gifts to help cheer up the patient who's cheered for them all these years.

"I think he was really surprised seeing us," Wells recalled.

"I said, wait a minute, that's the girls from Botetourt!" Fisher said about waking from a nap when the girls arrived.

It was a visit Fisher never saw coming; one that he says helped as much as any medicine could.

"You're down a whole lot with this cancer treatment, but that really cheered me up," he said. "It's like therapy. It helps heal, I don't care what nobody says."

Now, with the girls preparing for another run in the regional tournament, Fisher is hoping for a win of his own. His final cancer treatment is set for this Friday.

"This thing is bigger than basketball," Favaro said. "Life is bigger than sports. We have someone here fighting for his life and he still makes us a priority. It's not too hard to make him a priority for us, too."

"It's been a great, great run and I'm hoping it ain't gonna' end no time soon," Fisher explained, "cause I want another championship."

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