HOMETOWN HOOPS: Carroll County girls riding big minutes from vets & newcomers to perfect record

HILLSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) -- With a perfect 14-0 record, including seven Three Rivers District wins, the Carroll County girls have been barreling through the competition.

"We talk about being aggressive not being a sometimes thing, but being an all time thing, and so far, at this point, I feel like our kids have done that," said head coach Marc Motley.

The latest example being a hard-nosed 48-41 win at Floyd County on Monday night, where the Cavaliers put together a 14-0 run to erase a second-half deficit.

But perhaps most impressive is who this Carroll County team is winning with, night in and night out.

"We play at least 10 every night, so at least six underclassmen. Five freshmen and six underclassmen are seeing minutes every night," Motley said.

That infusion of youth was something seniors like Abby Kennedy had to adjust to.

"It's definitely different from what I'm used to because, in the past, I've been on teams where seniors had a big role in what we do," the senior forward said. "But these younger teammates that I have, they've proven themselves in these games so it's different, but I like it."

Motley continues to be impressed by his squad's ability to grow together on the floor.

"I see them do things that haven't been taught to 'em," he said before Monday's win. "Some of it's just instinct and, as a coach, you just think, 'I didn't tell them that. They figured that out on their own.'"

And in each of their 14 wins, the Cavs have learned a little more about their new-look team and, more importantly, how they can make it even better.

"I think we have a lot of talent and skill with our team, and I feel like having 12 people to push each other every day in practice and get better, and when you just play good together--we've learned to play good together--I think that's what makes us a good team," said senior point guard Abi Easter.

The Cavaliers are now two games up on second-place Floyd County in the district standings.

"We're extremely blessed to be where we are right now, but if we're satisfied, then we're not gonna' do as well," Kennedy said. "So we just want to keep that mindset of just growing and getting better every day."

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