Halifax at George Washington

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Feeding off of homecoming energy the GW Eagles come out swinging,
With this pitch and catch from Shakobe Hairston to Kendrell McClary to move the ball down the field.

Two plays later, Wesley Graves takes the hand off and cuts to the outside to get the eagles rolling,7 to 0

After a short Comets possession, Graves shows off his wheels with a 77 yard touchdown, speeding to the 60th td of his careers setting a GW record.

But the Comets wouldn't fold, and they'd answer through the air with this pass from Thomas Lee to Traivius Campbell.
And Lee would go right back to the air to Christian Mack for the score, making it 14 to 7 eagles,

Next Eagles possession, Shakobe Hairston would keep the drive alive with few moves and pass to Zavion King to set up
a short Wesley Graves touchdown run to move the eagles up 21 to 7
But the Comets, dig into their bag of trick to pull of this pass from Campbell to Mack.

That leds to this run into the endzone from Mikyler Smalls. 21 to 14
However, the Eagles will put points on the board right before halftime with a pass from Hairston to Shawn Watlington. 27 to 14 eagles at the half.

And out of the half, GW keeps the ball in the air with a pass from Hairston to King for a long touchdown, the eagles would keep the lead from their as they go on to win, 62 to 27.