Halifax at Martinsville

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Halifax County was after its second straight shutout Friday night in Martinsville after blanking Bassett last week.

Martinsville is down 21-nothing to start the 3rd quarter.

Halifax defense contained, QB Trey Wilson most of the night, as half the defensive line picks up a sack on this play. Then Wilson tries to set up a screen pass, But Halifax was ready for it and Brandon Davis gets the interception.

The very next play, Herbert Brooks would break a couple of tackles and run 50 yards for a touchdown, making it 28-nothing, Halifax. Martinsville tries to get something going, Wilson will run up the middle for 21 yards for a first down and gets Martinsville into the red zone.

Wilson then rolls out and tries to find a receiver in the corner of the end zone. But Halifax is able to intercept the ball once again. Their defense dominated all night as they go on to win 42 - nothing.