Hart Automotive Spotlight Game of the Week: Week 12

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- The playoff game in Blacksburg began with a heartwarming moment as Charles Rivers was surprised after the coin toss by his sister who had just returned home.

Then it was game time for these two high powered offenses.

In the first, Jefferson Forest trying to show injuries won't slow their defense.

Bruins Grant Johnson is looking deep, but looks too long and Antoine Cupit spins him down for the sack.

So Johnson goes short the next play to Tiquest Terry who decides to take it long by himself, running this ball 88 yards, yes 88 yards, to the house for the games first score.

"They were back pretty far so after I got the ball we had a lot of time to think about it. My linemen just came out there and blocked and I made a move off them, stated Blacksburg Running Back Tiquest Terry.

Then the Cavaliers would try to get something going, but the cold weather and slick field made things tough.

Runners like QB Caleb Smith here would slip, players had a hard time hanging onto the ball, and here Will Strain couldn't get the punt off.

Smith said, "Definitely the field had a big part. First drive I could have been gone but I slipped. Cold hands, it's hard to get the snap, but we just got to overcome that."

Blacksburg didn't have as many issues, as Cole Beck hangs onto this ball all the way into the endzone to make it 14 to nothing.

And in the second, Beck again, would prove the cold and wet field means nothing to him, even without sleeves, as he gets another score, one of three on the night.

"They were kind of given the left side of the line not too much trouble so it's a lot easier to hit the left side and then open the receivers up more so we got to pass the ball a little outside," stated Blacksburg Running Back Cole Beck.

But Mother Nature would have it's effects on Blacksburg, as Johnson slips with the ball, manages to stay on his feet, redirects himself and finds Terry who takes it all the way inside the 20 for his team.

Couple dealing with the elements, and the defense holding Jefferson Forest well, the Bruins went into halftime up 30 to nothing.

And in the second half, it would be more of the same.

Cavaliers struggling to hold onto the ball.

And Cole Beck going around the left side for a score.

Blacksburg wins this one easily 54 to 6, and the Bruins defense held the high power Cavalier offense scoreless as the only points were off a late pick-six.

"It was a battle of the trenches. Our defensive line came out and just absolutely had a great game," stated Blacksburg Defensive Back Josh VanGilder.

Blacksburg Head Coach Thad Wells said, "We work the same amount of effort each week in our practices and this won't affect next week at all for us, we know that we got to reset our minds and get focused for next week."