Hidden Valley at Christiansburg

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Hidden Valley made the trip to Christiansburg tonight where the Blue Demons had yet to scratch in district play.

Coming out of the half, Christiansburg warmed up to defend their 16-8 lead.

Quarterback Grayson Carroll hands off the ball to Matt Strong for a Hidden Valley touchdown to close in the gap.

Bringing the game to a tie, Tyler McDaniel takes the pass for the 2 point conversion, making the score 16-16.

Christiansburg unable to answer, gives possession back to Hidden Valley where Matt Strong took the handoff from Carroll, and ran it all the way down for a 77 touchdown run, putting the Titans up a score.

The Blue Devils get the ball to the red zone, but are unable to convert.

Quarterback MJ Hunter runs it on 4th down but can't get anywhere.
Carroll looking to get another touchdown for Hidden Valley, throws it deep to Tyler McDaniel but Travis Altizer nearly picks it off.
In the end, the Titans still get what they were looking for with a touchdown pass to Stephen Bell.

Christiansburg looking to get back in this game. Hunter lofts the ball to Drew Lloyd for the touchdown followed by a 2 point conversion to Jake Clemons.

In the end, Hidden Valley goes home with the win, 37 to 24.

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