Hidden Valley at Patrick Henry

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ROANOKE, VA (WDBJ7) -- Patrick Henry knocked off Hidden Valley with a late two point conversion last year at Bogle Stadium.

The Titans hadn't forgotten as they tried to return the favor tonight at Patrick Henry.

Let's pick this one up in the second half, Titans up a score on the Patriots, 21-14.

Titans with the ball, QB Grayson Carroll doesn't like what he sees and decides to tuck and run for the first down.

Same drive, third down. Carroll finds a target over the middle, Cross Thompson. Titans keep moving the chains.

Third down again, and this is one of the hardest hits you'll see all night. Carroll rolls out and is blindsided by Jalen Cook.

Grayson Carroll though, shows the poise of a seasoned vet, the very next play going for it on 4th and 13. He drops, steps, and lays an absolute dime to Kelly Mitchell in stride for the score, 28-14 Hidden Valley.

Guy has laser focus even on the sideline.

But don't sleep on that Roy Gunn guy for PH.

Gunn loading up for the long ball but pulls it down and uses his legs. Shaking out of tackles left and right, nearly taken down but fights through for another 5 yards.

Few plays later, Gunn shows us that arm going way up top to a streaking Trace Pedigo who takes it to the house, 28-21. PH not going away.

Gunn still might have something up his sleeve.

Quick punt for the Titans on their next drive, on the other end, yup, Gunn. Fields it on the 35, gets a great block from Tashawn Webb, hits the corner and he is gone. Gunn rumbles down the sideline before he's taken down inside the 5.

But wait, laundry on the field, personal fould on the Patriots. Get the erasers out and scrub that one away.

Gunn back in the shotgun, rolls out and rifles one downfield but Ashton Carroll shows off those hops and picks it off.

Hidden Valley secured the win, 42-35.