Hidden Valley at Pulaski

PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- If not for a one point loss to Northside on opening night, the Pulaski County Cougars would be unbeaten. Friday night Coach Stephen James and company tried to keep things rolling against Hidden Valley.

To Kenneth Dobson Stadium in Dublin. Good crowd on hand for this one.

The Cougars Kade Akers had a big night. Here he's looking for Cody Gibbs and he's got him at the goal line for the touchdown to put Pulaski on top 14-nothing.

Akers then playing some defense. He reads Grayson Carroll like a book and picks off the pass. Akers with reservations for 6 to push the lead to 21 in favor of the Cougars.

Back on offense, he's getting it done with his legs. Akers can't find a receiver so he decides to tuck it under and rambles 33 yards on the score. Pulaski was up 28 nothing at the half and the Cougars go on to win it 49 to 21.