Hidden Valley at Salem

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SALEM, Va (WDBJ7) -- Hidden Valley's playoff hopes could get a huge shot in the arm if the Titans could knock off Salem.

But the Spartans had other plans. On their first offensive play Jack Gladden hands off to De'Angelo Ramsey who runs over a defender at the line of scrimmage, slips an arm tackle and he is gone. Ramsey party one, your table is ready. That's 71 yards to give Salem an early 7-0 lead.

Ensuing Titan possession, fourth and one but Jonah Fitzgerald just can't break that tough Spartan D-line. Turnover on downs.

Salem's second offensive play of the game, Gladden pitches it to Viante Tucker who finds a hole big enough for a mac truck, makes a cut back to midfield and he coasts into the endzone to add to the Salem lead.

Spartans facing a third down on their next drive, Gladden drops back and finds Ramsey about 10 yards downfield and he does the rest. Ramsey hits the sideline and turns on the jets. 64 yards on the touchdown as Salem flattens Hidden Valley on senior night 45-7.