Hidden Valley at Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7)-- The Spartans looked to run their all-time record against Hidden Valley to 17 and 0.

Early on, it's Hunter Chaney looking downfield for Chase Ferris. He's got him and Ferris gets to the endzone on the 47-yard touchdown to put Salem on the board at 7-0.

Following a solid punt return, the Spartans on the doorstep again. The give to Isaiah Persinger and he scoots in on the 3-yard score. They missed the point after so it's 13-0.

Later, on third and goal at the nine, Chaney finds Ferris again. He does the tap dance for another score. The two-point conversion made it 21-nothing Salem.

Persinger was busting loose a few minutes later. He gets to the outside and wins a footrace to the endzone. The Spartans were on cruise control, up 28-nothing early in the second quarter.

The defense was bringing the heat to Titans QB Grayson Carroll most of the night. Stacy Williams, Noah Collins, and Bobby Pinello team up on the sack as the Spartans roll to the 56 to 13 win.