Hidden Valley at William Byrd

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WILLIAM BYRD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Coming into the second half, things were already looking good for Hidden Valley, up 15-7 against the Terriers.

Quarterback Grayson Carrol helping drive things down field with a long throw to Brady Snell.

That put the Titans in striking distance, but they would fall just short of the endzone, turning things over to the Terriers on downs.

But Hidden Valley wouldn't have to wait long to get the ball back, as William Byrd Quarterback Dylan Hatfield drops a ball into the endzone, where it was recovered for the Titans by number 15 Ashton Carroll.

On the next drive, the Terriers put together some big plays, including this run from Logan Baker, and then, a few plays later, a pass from to number 9 Ethan Tinsley to get Byrd just inches from the goal line.

On fourth down, Hatfield puts one up in the endzone, only to have Hidden Valley's Cross Thompson come out of nowhere, snagging the interception in the endzone and taking it on a 40-yard run

That sealed the Terriers fate.

The Titans went on to win 22-7.